About the app


The app is FREE to download and use!  Build a relationship and purchase creative goods directly from amazing artists and crafters.  Find new artists and creative products for yourself or as a unique gift.


Wallspace is the best mobile app for artists, crafters and creatives to socially share, sell and trade their creations.
Art Lovers this is the place to buy direct from the creatives and build a long lasting relationship as well as get the best prices.  The app is an easy and cost effective tool to help you move your creations to the world!

*Digital business card and portolio
- In the Wallspace app you can set up your own profile.  Add your website links and contact info as well as images of your work to the gallery!
- Mobile ability to show your work off your phone without sifting through your personal photo album

*Share your artwork on-the-go!
- Wallspace app allows you to take photos using your phone and upload them directly to your profile
- Share your items on sale directly to your social networks (Facebook and Instagram)

*Sell items directly!
- Upload new creations, add description and pricing
- Simply link your Paypal account to your profile to receive payments
- Receive “offers” directly from buyers! This allows your customers to reach out to you directly and compromise on a price if you so desire.
- Receive “trade offers’ directly from other artists!  This allows artists to simply trade creations if so desired.
- Have the freedom to accept payment from buyers without any fees.

*Wallspace app will help market you!
- Wallspace app will showcase members on it’s Facebook and Instagram networks for that added avenue of exposure!

*No hidden fees!
- Wallspace Art app is $5.99 for unlimited selling, profile features and social media sharing.  The only fees you pay are Paypal fees for receiving money (in the case someone uses Paypal to purchase).
*Custom features will be available for purchase starting at $1.99